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Stress: It's What's For Breakfast

I was sitting next to a girl in one of my classes and watched her out of the corner of my eye filling out an application for the BSU Bookstore. I noticed that she has three previous job experiences. And in descending order, her jobs had paid $10/hr, $11/hr, and $13/hr. I couldn't help but think how the Bookstore probably wouldn't hire her because she's overqualified. The Bookstore I think hires both work study and regular students, but I still think you have to be around dirty poor/poverty line to get a job anywhere on campus. I don't see how someone who earned that much in previous jobs wouldn't be overqualified to work at the Bookstore. Then again, in this economy, she'd probably get that job because she has previous work experience.

My Geography teacher offers a few extra credit discussion board topics and I was just checking my grades on them and on one she commented that I need to watch my spelling of half vs have. And if it's one thing my friends know about me, it is that I am a grammar nazi. I know the difference between half and have. I went back to find out what she was talking about and when I found the 'half' she was talking about, I had said "I think everyone should own at least half a dozen chickens at all times." -.- Pretty sure that is half, not "to HAVE a dozen." A half dozen. Half of twelve. Six. She didn't mark me down for this, but it I am irritated. How dare she correct MY grammar?

The JET Program application finally became available online. They kept pushing back the release date; they would say, "early to mid October," then "mid to late October," then "late October to early November." I think it must have come out either this weekend or Monday. And it's already stressing me out! The online application went pretty quick, but they are requiring so much more after that! I have to write a two page essay on why I want to go to Japan, I have to get two letters of recommendation, I have to get official transcripts, I have to make copies of something proving I'm a US citizen, and EVERYTHING requires ONE original and TWO copies. I'm going to end up sending a book! One form they're asking me to fill out is 15 pages! That's just one extra form! So may exclamation marks at the end of my sentences! To top it all off, it's all due by December 2nd. And they say on the website, "this does not include post marked dates." So I have to get it into the mail long before December 2nd so that it has enough time to get across the country to Washington DC (that's the address they give) so they get it by December 2nd. I mean, who does that? I want to put it in the mail by November 25th, giving it a week, which gives me a little more than two weeks to get all of this together and submitted! But if there's one thing this semester of college has taught me, it's how to get paperwork done in two weeks.

To add to that, I already have a ton of homework. I have an Art History paper due next week (4 pages Chicago) and I should be working on my paper for Dr. Woods Southeast Asia class (10 pages Chicago), but that's not due until Finals Week, so I'm not too worried, but I'm still panicking. My Geography teacher is constantly adding homework. Today she just assigned a project where we research where some of our possessions came from, like clothing, electronics, and home goods. I have a football game this weekend, Guard next week, and two more football games each weekend after that and Mr. Tornello is always saying we should have music memorized two weeks before we need it. We just got Sleigh Ride for a thank you Christmas concert we're going to play in on December 4th and he says it needs to be memorized by next Wednesday >.< (Keith and Catherine Stein, our sponsors, donated $1 million to BSU, more specifically for the music department to get 35 Steinway pianos to finish the Steinway Initiative they started and to get the marching band all new uniforms. That's why we're playing for them at the Xmas concert) And my Linguistic homework is always stressful.

My Linguistics class. How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways. I don't know if I've mentioned before that Andrew and I have the same teacher, just different class times for this class? Well, we recently had our midterm and Andrew got somewhere like a 50-60%, where I got a 35%. The teacher told us the average mean between both classes was 60%. Seriously. His average for our two classes was FAILING. Not only that, but after hearing that from him and hearing no remorse, I checked his stats on ratemyprofessor and myedu and on myedu his class drop rate is 11%. Compare that to the other two Lingustics teachers' 1-2%. That is really bad. Go onto ratemyprofessor and find out that NO ONE rates this guy positively. It gets even better. Andrew and I were talking about the midterm supplements the teacher gave to help us better our midterm grades in the band hall Monday and everyone was really surprised at how bad our grades were. We got started on the statistics for this teacher and Andrew says he NEVER grades on a curve. But his two class averages are failing. Andrew said that the amount of people that get As and Bs in the class run in the single digits. Seriously, BSU? This guy is still teaching? This guy and my Art History teacher are both getting bad reviews from me on my teacher evaluations. I am also repeating Linguistics next semester to get a better grade.

To add to this already mounting stress, I recently met with my main advisor to get a permission number for my senior project class and to inquire about graduation. Summary of the meeting: I just need to switch some credits around again and write 20-25 pages for my project/story. When I met with my advisor, he informed me that the interdisciplinary committee was really hesitant to approve my project-story, but didn't want to hold me back from graduation. He said he was worried because I've never had any creative writing classes. I was like: srsly? I had creative writing last semester and two years of it in high school. Learning that, he was like, "oh, okay, so you're not just going into this blind and having no previous writing experience?" Uh, yeah. That is what I am saying. I just need to have the project-story done long before BSU's given due date so that my panel has time to go over my story and tell me what to fix, improve, and change.

I applied for graduation. This is happening.

Lastly, I've kind of started seeing someone again. He's a guy I met in my kung fu class. We've been hanging out a bit recently, but we're hesitant to start a relationship because he's in the Air Force and is up for a transfer in the next couple weeks. We were talking about it last night and he says of the three options he wants, two would leave him here in Boise, but he mostly wants to transfer to Arizona, where his family is. I don't blame him, he's apparently already done stints in Germany and Afghanistan and he's the same age as me; obviously not a lot of time spent at home around people you love. So he mostly wants to go to Arizona. I think this would really suck if he did go, because I'm really starting to like him :(

And all that is my life right now.

Wreck-It Ralph/Megamind comparison

Wreck-It Ralph Megamind longs to be as beloved as his game's city’s perfect Good Guy, Fix-It Felix Metro Man. Problem is, nobody loves a Bad Guy. But they do love heroes... so when a modern, first-person shooter game poor, unsuspecting nerd arrives stumbles into the wrong place at the wrong time, Ralph Megamind sees it as his ticket to heroism and happiness. He sneaks into the game with a simple plan -- win a medal  creates a new hero to fight but soon wrecks everything, and accidentally unleashes a deadly enemy that threatens every game in the arcade citizen of Metro City. Ralph's Megamind’s only hope? Vanellope von Schweetz Roxanne Ritchie, a young troublemaking "glitch" from a candy-coated cart racing game yet nosy reporter who might just be the one to teach Ralph Megamind what it means to be a Good Guy. But will he realize he is good enough to become a hero before it's "Game Over" for the entire arcade city?


Popped Collar

More Megamind fanfiction! I totally have an obsession/problem. This one's rated M for Mature, though. My friends can totally not read this post if they don't want to.
Before I post the story, I just want to ask if you guys have been commenting on my posts at all? Because I have not seen any come through, nor has Lj alerted me to any comments. I don't even get told when you guys reply to my comments. I'm just curious.

Roxanne heard the sound of the invisible car’s engine enter the lair, followed by the sound of a door slamming and a dozen or so electronic barks from the Brainbots. Many sheets of paper with ideas, math problems, and blueprints were hanging over her head as she sat on a couch, typing away on her laptop for work. Another sound came of a dropped wrench, followed by many excited electronic barking noises and her boyfriend opened the giant curtain that separated the newly transformed living room from the rest of the abandoned power plant that was Megamind’s lair.

Roxanne gave her blue alien a smile. “Welcome home, Megs.” He walked over and sat heavily beside her with a great sigh, placing his giant blue head in his hands.

“Hard day of work?” she asked, saving her files before turning her laptop off and setting it aside on the coffee table.

Megamind gave another sigh as he sat back up. “Yeah. The bank robbery I stopped today involved my uncles.”

Roxanne’s brows wrinkled in confusion. “Uncles?”

Megamind turned emerald green eyes to her. “I grew up in the prison, Roxanne. Practically everyone in there now helped raise me.”

“Oh,” was all she could reply. She had never given much thought to how Megamind had grown up.

“’Good ol’ Megs,’ they said,” Megamind mimicked. “’You wouldn’t really turn us in, would you? You haven’t really turned good, have you? It’s just a joke, right? You wouldn’t turn us in, would you? We’re practically family.’ But I had no choice, Roxanne. It’s my duty now to stop crime and put the bad people in jail.” He let out another heavy sigh, green eyes downcast.

Roxanne looked at him with concern. Obviously this was quite a conflict in Megamind’s heart. Her own heart went out to her boyfriend.

“Hey,” Roxanne urged. “C’mere.” She turned on the red couch, so she was facing him fully. He looked up at her questioningly, but obeyed, scooting closer to her.

She took him gently by the shoulders and turned him so he was facing the same direction as her. Reaching around him, she unhooked his trademark cape and attached shoulder pads with spikes and popped collar. Even though he was a hero now, his wardrobe hadn’t changed at all. She placed said items on the coffee table, next to her laptop.

Placing her hands on his shoulders again, she used her thumbs to rub small circles between his shoulder blades.

Megamind instantly relaxed, practically melting into her touch. “Oh, Roxanne,” he sighed contentedly. “That feels wonderful.”

She giggled at his reaction. “Have you never had a massage before?”

“Mas-euge?” He tried the word in his mouth. “No.”

“Minion never did this for you?” she asked, moving lower on his back. He arched his back in pleasure, like a cat, even making little mewling noises of enjoyment.

Megamind chuckled. “Roxy, Minion’s robotic body is eight hundred pounds. Even though I invented it, I doubt his hands could work so…gently.” His eyes drifted closed as he let himself enjoy what his girlfriend was doing.

They sat in comfortable silence, Roxanne working out knots and worry with her hands and appreciating the feel of her boyfriend’s body. Metro Man had too much muscle in her opinion. Megamind may have been skinny, but he was all lean muscle.

Once, she had interviewed him while he was in prison. He had stayed in his cell with the cute painted animals and the slogan, “Happy Thoughts, Happy People” on the wall. She had asked questions through the speaker system. Upon seeing him in there, she had known there was no way he could stay as skinny as he did without doing some exercises in his cell or in the prison yard. There was only a chair and a TV in the solitary confinement cell, yet he was as skinny as rail. Her hands moved down his arms, confirming for herself that there was indeed muscle there. She was actually glad his species couldn’t get as bulky as Metro Man.

She recalled how, even at his prison interview, Megamind has popped the collar on his traffic cone orange prison uniform. She also thought of his pajamas, and how big that popped collar was.

As she continued working with her hands, she looked at his uncovered neck now. His blue skin looked so smooth and his neck arched gracefully. Roxanne thought about what a shame it was that he covered his neck all the time. She watched from a side angle, fascinated, as he swallowed. His Adam’s apple bobbed ever so slightly under that gorgeous skin. Unable to resist her thoughts anymore, she leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on the back of his neck.

Megamind suddenly stiffened under her hands, his eyes popped wide as saucers and a gasp of pleasure escaped his lips.

“Roxanne!” he exhaled huskily.

“Oh? What’s this?” Roxanne teased, a playful look on her face. She kissed his neck again, just under his seashell shaped pink ear. His hands shot out for something to grab to brace himself, catching onto the couch back and cushion. She kissed lower, where neck met shoulder. He made a noise somewhere between a gasp and a moan that Roxanne absolutely loved. It was like music to her ears and she wanted him to make the noise again. She moved her kisses to the other side of his neck and he proceeded to twitch, gasp, and moan her name every time her lips made contact. He hissed in pleasure when she nibbled at his pink hued ears.

“Why, Megamind,” Roxanne purred. “I believe I have found your weakness.” Megamind was gasping for breath, his blue skin flushed from her attentions. “It seems you have worn your collars popped up so often that your skin is now quite sensitive.” To prove her point, she gave him a few more kisses that drove him wild.

“Temptress,” he moaned out when she finished her assault on his neck.

“And I’m just getting started,” she warned.

“What else could you possibly do to me?” was what Megamind wanted to ask, but all that came out was a “wha-“ before he felt her perfectly manicured nails running lightly over his bald head. She gave him the occasional head rub and he always enjoyed it, but after all the special attention he had just received, all of his skin was super sensitive and it felt even better.

 She was kissing his neck, running her nails over his scalp, running her teeth over his ears, it was wonderful, it was divine, he didn’t want her to stop, oh Roxanne-

He hadn’t realized he was speaking out loud until he felt her turn his head and her lips met his in a searing kiss that stopped all thought. He wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her around in front of him, placing her in his lap. They continued kissing as she ran her nails slowly down the outline of the blue lightning bolt on his suit until she encountered the growing bulge at the bottom.

Megamind broke the kiss when her hands touched down, head raised in a silent moan. She paused to let him catch his breath, giving him a mischievous grin. When he calmed down enough to register what had happened, he saw her evil grin as green eyes met blue and gave her a devious look back.

“Miss Ritchi, you beautiful temptress you,” he growled, before setting out to finish what she had started.

After that, he sometimes skipped out on his popped collars, to let her know that he wanted that special attention again. And she always happily obliged to the hint.


Geez, finally! I have been trying to access Lj all day via my laptop, but man! I think BSU somehow blocked it or something. I mean, I tried restarting Firefox, I tried it on Explorer, I restarted my laptop, I lowered my security settings, I deleted my cookies, I put it on the allowed sites list, I just tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked! I even tried one of the Macs that they keep in the Interactive Learning Center and even that went *alarm* WRONG! You no can go!
I realized something as I get to why I wanted to write this entry so bad. I was all excited for Tangled, the next Disney cartoon, hoping it would be my next favorite Princess and the Frog or whatever and after I saw it, I just thought, "eh." I didn't even like the soundtrack and it was composed by one of my favorite Disney song writers. Then, about three to four weeks ago, I went and saw Megamind on a whim with Gilbert and Farnworth, from my unit, and I have fallen in love with this movie.
I have seen it six times, I am counting down to the DVD release date and I can watch it whenever and not pay and deal with little kids making obnoxious noises and their parents kicking my seat. I've checked out the Megamind section of FF.net a dozen times and have favorited works there. I have a ton of fanart on dA favorited as well. I ordered about half a dozen Megamind books and comic books total. I'm tempted to sew a Megamind plushie since they obviously only made small plastic figurines.
Some of the best things about the movie: the songs they chose to be in it. I made a playlist of the songs and I listen to it over and over and over. Welcome to the Jungle is now my most played song on my iPod, surpassing OneRepublic's All the Right Moves. I loved how they animated Megamind with so many facial expressions, I LOVE his facial expressions. They also show Megamind to be clumsy. There are about six instances in the movie where he ends up falling head over heels, cape splayed over his giant blue head. Instead of him being the cool, smooth villain all the time, this, to me, shows he has a softer, sillier side. And the plot was just so unexpected for me. I went into the movie only knowing that the hero "retires." Everything that happens after that was just a total surprise so by the end of the movie I was like, "that was so freakin awesome!" This movie has become my next favorite movie, coming close to Transformers.
Anyways, the whole point of this journal post was to share a fanfic that I wrote for Megamind with the 2? 3? friends that read this. If you haven't seen Megamind, that's okay, you really don't have to read it. I promise I will not be offended if you don't read the story at all. I've already posted it on FF.net and dA and I've been getting good feedback from FF.net. I have about 20 faves and six reviews, not that I'm tooting my own horn. But I am really proud of this fic. I read it and am surprised that I wrote it. Without further rambling, here it is! That is, if THIS computer will stop trying to open it in Word 2007 when we only have Word 2003 and let me copy paste it OUT...ah, here we go. Geez, this story is a pain to get on here...
EDIT: WARNING! If you don't want any spoilers, I suggest you go out and see the movie first, because otherwise this entire story could be considered one huge spoiler!

It was a typical day in Metro City: the sun was making its slow way across the sky, warming the city for what had the potential to be a glorious spring day. A faint breeze rustled the trees in the city as the citizens picked up expensive chain store coffee and made their way to work inside the newly rebuilt skyscrapers after their new hero, Megamind’s, battle with Tighten. Birds sing, cars honk as they whiz by on their way to work, children laugh and talk as they wait for school busses. Everything is normal and running smoothly in the new hero’s city.

Said new hero was currently sitting at a table inside his lair. It couldn’t be called an evil lair anymore, seeing as Megamind was no longer evil. The blue hero was poring over blueprints and math equations for some invention or another as he absentmindedly grabs a donut from a plate in the middle of the table and dunks it in a mug of coffee before taking a bite. He makes a sound in the back of this throat.

“What is it? Your coffee cool off?” Roxanne jokes, lowering the newspaper she had been reading. How she had seen what her boyfriend had been doing while she was reading was a mystery. She wouldn’t admit that she had actually been contentedly studying her man out of the corner of her eye for the past few minutes. He was just so adorable when he became so engrossed by a project. Something else she wouldn’t admit out loud.

“Hmm?” Megamind looks up at her interruption, cheek stuffed full of sugary dough. Inquisitive green eyes meet laughing blue ones when she sees this face. Roxanne bites back a giggle as he gulps down the remains. “No, I’m just stuck on one of these problems. I can’t seem to get the variables to line up.” He scratches at his scalp, donut pinched between two fingers like a true genius.

There’s a pause as he studies his papers some more before finally declaring, “I need to think.” With that, he drains the rest of his coffee, picks up all the papers he can, stuffs another donut in his mouth, and makes his way to the curtained section of the lair.

Roxanne just shakes her head and sighs with a smile. “I need to think” means secluding himself the best he can while blaring his favorite rock music. She doesn’t mind it really; in fact, she has actually come to like a lot of the music he plays, and when she doesn’t, well, the curtain works as an amazing sound absorber.

She recalls all the times she’s heard his music. Quite often when she had been kidnapped by Megamind, he had music playing in the background on some sort of stereo system. Or Minion carried a boom box around with them when they had terrorized the city. She quickly remembers when he had defeated Metro Man and he showed up to the news conference with the Brain Bots giving off the most impressive light show she had seen since her college days. There was also when he rescued her from the collapsing Metro Tower and the Brain Bots had made the appearance of his talking head, like something out of The Wizard of Oz.

 Thinking about it now, Roxanne thinks, brow furrowing, with the incredible technology he puts into the Brain Bots, how come they don’t play his music?

All of these thoughts played through her head in a few short seconds and she voices her last thought out loud before Megamind reaches his destination.

“Megamind? Why didn’t you ever program the Brain Bots to play music?”

He stops mid stride, only a few steps away from his curtained off hiding place, shoulders hunching up as if he was struck.

“I mean,” Roxanne continues, intent on her thought and not really seeing her boyfriend’s reaction, “they already do a hundred and one things for you. Why not make it one hundred and two?”

Papers and a single donut scatter to the ground as Megamind runs back to his girlfriend, picking her up and twirling her around.

“Oh, Roxanne, you gorgeous, wonderful, smart, pretty woman, you!” He sets her down before giving her a full kiss and quickly runs into his secluded area, papers from his previous work left forgotten on the floor.


Roxanne doesn’t see Megamind for a couple days after that. His work keeps him preoccupied, which is something she can understand. She doesn’t need the attentions of her significant other 24/7. Her work, however, is slow. Now that Metro Man is “dead,” Megamind good, and the only evil to have challenged Megamind now without powers and locked away in jail, there really isn’t anything newsworthy happening in Metro City. Or as her favorite person would say, “Metrocity.”

As she drives the news van from work to Megamind’s place, Roxanne thinks about what Metro Man said before Megamind fought Tighten: There’s a yen to every yang. If there’s evil, good will rise up to stop it. As far as Roxanne knew, there was no new evil, so there was no reason for Megamind to be challenged. She would gladly take the peace as long as it keeps her boyfriend out of harm’s way for now.

These are the thoughts on Roxanne Ritchi’s mind as she enters her boyfriend’s lair.

“Good evening, Miss Ritchi!” Minion greets her from unloading the invisible car. He must have just come back from grocery shopping.

“Hey, Minion.” She goes over to give the fish a helping hand.

As she’s helping, Minion tells her, “Listen, the boss said to tell you that as soon as you got here, he has a surprise waiting for you in the fake observatory. You should get up there as soon as you can.”

“Alright, Minion. Thanks.” She helps him put away the rest of the food before heading over to the lift and riding it up to the fake observatory.

Megamind hears the lift and gives a command. Roxanne doesn’t quite catch what he says, but notices that the clothing he is wearing is normal, or what can be considered normal for him. He sports a simple black dress shirt with a small blue lightning bolt on on left side and his normal leather pants and shiny dress shoes. This is all she registers when the lift finally stops and she is nearly deafened by music.

All around her are glowing blue Brain Bots and sound seems to be surrounding her as each bot plays in stereo.

Yo listen up here’s a story about a little guy that lives in a blue world and all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue like him inside and outside blue his house with the blue little window and a blue corvette and everything is blue for him and hisself and everybody around cuz he can’t got nobody to listen…I’m blue da-bu-de-da-bu-dai…

“Megamind!” Roxanne calls out, trying to be heard over the Brain Bots. She laughs when he starts dancing around. One of the things the alien was proud of was his dance moves and, Roxanne would admit this, he was a very good dancer.

Megamind cut the Brain Bots off like a conductor and it was immediately quiet again. Roxanne gives a sigh of relief that the assault on her ears has finally ended. Megamind steps up to her and envelopes her in a hug, kissing her sweetly on the lips. Roxanne smiles into it.

“Good evening my gorgeous girl,” Megamind says when he breaks the kiss, still holding her. “Do you know just how much you inspire me?”

“I think I do, yeah,” Roxanne replies, jokingly digging at her ear canal. “Heard it loud and clear.” She beams under the praise just the same.

“Brain Bots,” Megamind turns to face a group of them. “Code…” he glances back at Roxanne, the love and admiration in his eyes making the green sparkle. “Roxanne’s Playlist.”

One Brain Bot pulls a lever with a couple of electronic ‘bow bow’s and the dome of the fake observatory opens a third of the way, revealing a sunset and stars that are barely beginning to peek out of the darkening sky. The rest of the Brain Bots dim their lights and scatter throughout the room, creating the effect of candle light.

Roxanne utters a soft ‘oh,’ her heart fluttering as Megamind pulls her closer. He places her left hand on his right shoulder, puts his own hand on her waist, lifts up her right hand and leads her around the floor.

And I love you so the people ask me how how I’ve lived till now I tell them I don’t know I guess they understand how lonely life has been but life began again the day you took my hand and yes I know how lonely life can be the shadows follow me and the night won’t set me free but I don’t let the evening get me down now that you’re around me…

The couple didn’t know how to dance socially. But Megamind simply guessed, swaying with her and spinning her and Roxanne followed perfectly, knowing where he would go and where to place her own feet like the two had been dancing together for years.

And to Megamind, the smile on Roxanne’s face and the happiness shining in her eyes was worth all the work he had done on every Brain Bot.

After all, the good guy always got the girl.



Simply inspired by thinking, “Megamind had all those Brain Bots with him after he defeated Metro Man. Why did he still use a boom box?!”

Songs used are Eiffel 65’s Blue and Perry Como’s And I Love You So.





Evil, evil woman! Tamaki's grandmother needs to die! But first...

Honey and Mori actually finally graduated! Yay! Boo! And Honey and Mori are studying different things at university, which is really sad! Now, not only have Hikaru and Kaoru broken up, but now Honey and Mori! Honey wants to study technology and something else so he can build cars and toys...welcome Huninozuka toy car line, the greatest thing since Hot Wheels! I forget what Mori wanted to study. But they said that they would still come to visit the host club. And and Honey and Mori had a fight! Like an actual fists involved fight! Mori challenged Honey to be able to tell him something because his family loyalty wouldn't let him say it outright. I rooted for both, but Mori won in the end by catching Honey mid-flight-kick and placed him out-of-bounds making Honey lose. What Mori wanted to tell Honey was that he had to brush his teeth more and eat less cake to avoid cavities and also couldn't bring Usa-chan to university. Honey pouted and comprimised with every third day he could bring Usa-chan. And their little brothers, Chika and Satoshi, just aren't good enough replacements. They're the same height and Chika looks older, probably because he doesn't have flowers in his speech bubbles.

Oh yeah, and Haruhi and Tamaki "kissed." They freaked out that it was a kiss, but it wasn't really. Haruhi was bringing cookies down one hallway and Tamaki was running down to find her and you know that L shaped hallway shoujo thing? Yeah, so they bumped into each other and picking the cookies up off the floor. Tamaki was really close to her and when she turned around to ask a question, Tamaki's lips bumped into the corner of Haruhi's mouth/cheek. They were like, "omg we kissed!" but I was like, "no lip lock, no count."

Then came the ultimate foreboding line: "because when April came and the new school year started the doors of the third floor music room did not open."

What?!?!?!?!?! I was going to stop with that chapter for the night, but with that scary line, I had to continue!

Tamaki's grandmother finally let's him come to the main house! Yay! Not really. This is a very, very bad thing. Since he's moving out of the second house, there's no reason for the staff to stay there anymore so they all get moved to different jobs. Not only that, but Tamaki's not allowed to take Antoinette with him! And they confiscate his cellphone. By this time I'm thinking, "this isn't an acceptance...this is a kidnapping!" And his grandmother doesn't let him contact his friends at all during spring break and he has to start learning a lot about the company.

When school starts again, everyone else has finally moved up a grade. Haruhi hears from Renge that the music room on the third floor is blocked. Haruhi immediately goes to look for Kyouya and finds the twins with him. He explains that they were remodeling it and didn't finish it during the break (I don't believe it) and since Tamaki's schedule keeps him busy, they are unable to do any host club activities so they've suspended the club for now. Tamaki's kept so busy by his grandmother, he has to go home immediately after school. So he says he's going to eat with everyone, but for the next week he gets coerced by the females to eat with them instead.

The others soon find out that even though Tamaki was brought to the main house his grandmother still doesn't accept him. And then something bad happens and I don't know what it is. Tamaki's grandmother was saying, "Tamaki, I have something to tell you." And then it cut to Haruhi thinking about Tamaki and something, and when it goes back to Tamaki, his grandmother is saying, "do you understand?" 

Tamaki says, "yes. I will leave the host club."


My name is Optimus Prime

Quick question: who's heard of "chicken quasideas" God, that Yu-Gi-Oh! Twilight cracks me up. Bob Yami=Carlisle. Seriously, she named the character Bob. XDDDD

Anyways, not a whole lot to report on. Not that any of my friends care TT.TT I fall off the face of the earth, but do they jump with joy when I get my technology back? Noooooooo. Course, I haven't called them yet...

I downloaded a lot of Transformer ringtones. A lot of them are quotes from the movie. Such as Optimus Prime's opening line and ending line, and "My name is Optimus Prime. We are autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron."  "But you can call us Autobots for short." Now when my phone turns on it says that line and when I turn it off it says, "Autobots, roll out!" XDDDD I'm such a nerd. I also downloaded the Transformers theme. Not the one from the cartoon, but the background/orchestral theme from the 2007 movie. I downloaded the Rugrats and Danny Phantom theme, too. I now have more ringtones than I have people that call me.

I started subscribing to Netflix while I'm here. First on my list? Transformers. It arrived today. I was going to watch it tonight, thinking the movie was only an hour and a half long, but I read the sleeve and it says it's two and a half hours long. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to save it for tomorrow. I put the Transformers cartoon on hold, too, and Twilight. Because I want to fucking laugh at it again and not pay so much to rent it. I forget what else is on there, but my mom gave me the idea to search for Gargoyles and Reboot. She also convinced me to buy a 16GB iPod instead of an 8GB lol. No really, she did. I'm gonna buy that and a Wii during my final week here, then ship the Wii home. I've already bought two Wii games to go with it: Wii Music and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Shut up, I don't have a problem (*only wants a 2009 yellow Chevy Camaro with black racing stripes and have the license plate either in the same numbers as the one from the movie or have it say Bee*)

In other news, I'm having problems applying for my tuition assitance. I have to log into a computer with my military ID card, but unfortunately while I was at basic, my army website password expired so now I have to get a new password. It's a bitch to reset the password, though. But once that gets done, then I can apply for my money. Unfortunately, it takes about two weeks for that stuff to go through and BSU's shit is due in less than seven days. Oh snap. I'm hoping I can call them and say, "hey my shits going through don't penalize me." I also need to email my teachers and say, "hey, I'm gonna be two weeks late, I'm doing military training, sorry." Sad day. I just looked at my computer's calendar and realized that marching band camp starts next week. Hopefully I can get that taken care of. Good news is, I'm coming hom the weekend of September 3rd. That is my projected graduation date. I should be traveling home that weekend.

And that's all I have for tonight.

It Rises from the Grave


Only not really. I'm in Virginia now, on a Naval Amphibious Base, attending the United States Army School of Music. When I first heard Amphibious base, I thought it would be all cool and underwater, but it's not. D: *sad face* But goodbye Fort Jackson, you effing hell hole!

I have my laptop so I have interwebz, and there's also a library out back of my dorm. There's also a Miccy D's within walking distance, a store, a movie theater, a bowling alley, and a beach. I also have plans to go to Busch Gardens as soon as I hear I can get an off-base pass. I hear we don't get those until graduation week, though. But oh well! What a way to celebrate finally getting to go home! Btw, my graduation date is September 3rd/4th. I don't really know exactly when, which means I should be home that weekend! I get to go back to school, see my mommy and dogs, see my friends, see my band mates, go back to school, and be back in a town where I know where everything is! I can buy manga and anime again, drive again, go shopping again...

Man, you should have seen all the emails in my inbox when I could finally use my computer. I had 1000 emails! A vast majority of them are livejournal updates, 90% being from springkink XDDDD. I also have about 400 dA watches. I'm slowly catching up on my emails. I'm down to about 400 now. But I sit on my butt most of the time here (I've only been here four days) because I don't have a horn I can practice on yet and they close the school during the afternoon. Apparently the air conditioning is broken so the building gets really hot. Fans don't help because they just push the hot air around. The coolest place is my room. Did I mention I only sleep with one other female now, instead of fifty-nine? If I had access to those giant emoticon faces, you'd see the big one that does this *___* or something like it. There's also a frige and microwave in my room and an actual bed that doesn't give me back problems! But anyways, I'm really sad I don't have a horn yet. I have to get my embochure back up and have to play a solo and tons of other technical stuff to graduate and have less than thirty days to do it in.

In going through my emails, though, there was a FF.net alert saying that someone had favorited my story. I checked out this person's profile and they were they typical "I just favorite, not write" people when I stumbled across this fic. Omg it's hilarious. It's Twilight rewritten to Yu-Gi-Oh. Like the person seriously just tweaked a few things but it is the same wording and everything. Man, I remember when I used to do that: then I got an imagination. Anyways, here's an excerpt from it that just cracks me up.

One boy sat next to me in both Trig and Spanish, and he walked with me to the cafeteria for lunch. he was thin, and his pointy dark hair made him even taller than me. I couldn't remember his name so I smiled and nodded as he prattled on about teachers and classes. Once in a while, he would sorta glance at me strangely, and I think I knew why. Probably cuz I was GAY. People can just TELL those kinds of things about people. he was probably just worried because I might feel out of place.

We sat at the end of a full table with several of his friends, who he introdused me to. I forgot all their names as soon as he spoke them. They seemed impressed by his bravery in speaking to me. The boy from English, Mokuba, waved at me from across the room.

It was there, sitting in that crowded lunchroom, trying to make some conversation with seven curious strangers, when I first saw them.

They were sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, as far away as they could sit from all the people in the long room. There were five of them. They weren't talking, and they weren't eating. everyone of them had a untouched tray of food in front of them. They weren't staring at me, unlike most of the other students, so it was safe for me to push my golden bangs out of my face and stare at them.

They were very weird. Two pale skinned ones looked like each other, they had the same blue eyes and same white hair, except one had two pieces of hair that sorta sticked out to the sides like horns. Then there was two tan--a REAL looking tan, like what people looked like in Egypt--look alikes with lavender colored eyes. They both had platinum blond hair, except one's hair was strait, while the others stuck up madly in all directions, like a crazy person. And then the last tan boy--who looked like he could rule a country, with the way he held himself--had the same hair as me. I gasped. It was exactly the same, except his hair had three extra bangs going up his spiky hair. His eyes were the oddest crimson I had ever seen, they weren't a red that made him look evil, but a dark Burgundy crimson that looked mischievous and playful.

They were all different but also alike.
(A/N-except for the look alikes, but you should know what I mean)
They all looked absolutely PERFECT. They looked like the people you would find on a expensive magazine cover. They also all had purplish shadows under their eyes, like they hadn't slept in days. All there features were strait, aligned, angular. That was why I could not look away. They looked like a bunch of gods as they sat there, looking away from one an other. It wasn't very hard to decide who was MOST beautiful, though they were ALL inhumanly gorgeous. But the most beautiful had to be the boy who shared the same hair as me. The one with the breathtaking crimson eyes...

As I watched, the pale skinned, white haired one--the one with the horned hair--rose with his tray, which held all uneaten food, and quickly walked away with a graceful way of moving. He dumped his tray and walked--no--FLOWED out. My eyes darted back to the others, who stayed unchanging.

"Who are THEY?" I asked the boy from my spanish class, whose name I had completely forgotten.

As he looked up to see who I meant--though he already probably knew cuz of my tone--suddenly the boy looked up at him, the one who had my hair, with crimson eyes. He looked at my neighbor just for a fraction of a second, then his crimson eyes flickered to my amethyst. He looked away very quickly, quicker than I could, though in a flushed of embarrassment, I dropped my eyes at once. In that brief flash of a glance, his face held a questioning look--as if she had called his name out loud and he was looking over to answer her.

My neighbor laughed a little and looked at the table as I did. "That's Atem, Ryou, Malik, and Marik. The one who lefts name was Bakura. They all live in a big house a little ways from here." He said under her breath.

I looked at the beautiful boy again, who was looking at his tray. His mouth was moving fastly. The other three still looked away from him, but I felt like he was talking to them.

"they're...uh...very nice looking." I struggled to talk. Nice looking? The one boy was the sexiest thing sense sex!

"Oh, yes!" He breathed, I remembered his name, Honda. "But there together! Bakura and Ryou and Malik and Marik I mean."

"Oh...wow. Have they always lived in Forks?" I asked

"No. They moved from Alaska to here two years ago."

"Ah. I see..." As I spoke, the one crimson eyed boy looked back up at me. I swiftly looked away, his glance seemed to hold a somewhat unmet expectation, slightly frustrated.
"Which is the one who has the same hair as me? With the crimson eyes?"

"Ah...that one is Atem. He's gorgeous, of course, but don't waste your time. Apparently, he does not date." He sniffed and I wondered how long ago he or one of his friends had been turned down by Atem. I bit my lip to hide my smile. Then I glanced up at the boy again. His face was turned away, but it looked like his tan cheek was lifted, as if he was smiling, too.

I know, right? I'm GAY. People can just TELL these things. Fuck. Spoiler, everyone in Forks is gay! I so cannot wait for New Moon. Taylor Lautner=yummy.

So yeah, life here is pretty easy compared to Basic. Hell, it's downright Paradise compared to Basic. Everyone keeps saying how they except a drill sergeant to pop up and start yelling at us. Hopefully I'll start catching up on YGOTAS, too!



Omg go watch this video and then come back and read my post


OMGIWANTACHEVYCAMEROSOBAD! The cheapest one that's coming out next year is $23,040, and if I added a spare tire and the racing stripes, it totals to $23,660. And I know I would have to make a lot of payments and taxes would be a bitch and blah blah blah details, but I WANT IT SOOOO BAD! And yes, I would name it Bumblebee. And put in a disco ball and a Bee-otch rear view mirror hangers XDDD I'm a nerd. A nerd that is so fucking excited for Transformers 2! Fuck my life for it coming out in July! You can bet I am taking a weekend off during AIT to go see it. XDDD One weekend is devoted to going to Busch Gardens and another I want to just go to a mall and look at stuff and feel like a normal person (and look for anime/manga on the east coast *coughcough*) and go watch Transformers 2! GAH!

While I was posting this, I found Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift on TV and watched that for about an hour. Still don't really enjoy the movie because it's just the stereotypical Japanese stuff, like Pachinko parlors, hot Asian chicks in barely any clothing, and yakuza. But hey, Japanese language and cars. Hmm, Transformers 2 and Tokyo Drift...now I just need Speed Racer and I should be good for cars and having them race. Not only am I turning more girly, guys, but I'm also starting to like cars...or, at least, movies about cars. I can separate a Mustang from a Camero, though! Can you? Speaking of Cameros...

You know what the best part about Transformers 2 is, besides Bumblebee? Bumblebee! No, what's also cool about Transformers 2 is that...they're in Egypt! Fuck yes! Egypt and cars! Maybe while they're there, they'll find a nameless pharaoh's tomb...a pharaoh who had ridiculous hair and stopped the greatest evil force from destroying Egypt! So yeah, now that I'm in Egypt, speaking of Yu-Gi-Oh...

I just finished watching the 4th season the other day. I skipped a few episodes, like the whole Yami vs. Weevil and Joey vs. Rex episodes. I also skipped Joey vs. Valon (Joey wins btw) which was immediately followed by Joey vs. Mai (Mai wins by Joey's forfeit/exhaustion. Team Yami minus one soul :( ) I just mostly wanted to get to the Yami vs. Dartz duel. Which I eventually did. Now, this duel originally starts as Yami and Kaiba vs. Dartz, but Kaiba loses at one point and thusly loses his soul (if thusly isn't a word, it is now and sounds cool). And it's a five episode duel (go fucking figure) and in the first episode alone Kaiba summons Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Yami summons Black Luster Soldier and they fuse them together to create Dragon Master Soldier with 5000 ATK points and guess what? It fails because Dartz breaks the rules.

LittleKuriboh is totally right: everyone breaks the rules in that show. Like Yami and Kaiba summoning their monsters like that in their FIRST TURN. Later in the duel when Yami is all by himself, Dartz has like infinity million and one LP and a monster with an ATK power of about half his LP and Yami has about 600 LP and no monsters. It's like really? REALLY?! At one point, Dartz was brain washing Yami. He was all, "You're all alone, pharaoh. I've knocked out your friends or stolen their souls. Why not just make things easier and submit? Your soul was revived so it could be sacrificed to the Great Beast. It would make things so much easier to surrender and join your friends. Wouldn't you like to see your friends one more time?" And Yami's all falling for it and I'm fangirl!panicking. Then Dartz is like, "look into your heart. You know it's true. Just surrender." When Yami looks into his heart, however, he finds the light from his friendships *gag* and that prevents the Seal of Orichalchos from taking his soul. Dartz is all, "omg wuts going on?" and Yami's all, "You told me to look in my heart. And I found the light from all my friends there." Dartz is all, "well, then you looked in the wrong place!" XD

Poor Yami is mixing up his memories with Yugi's, though. At one point in the season, Yami was having some flashbacks and one was a scene where it was Battle City with the Yugi vs. Joey duel and Joey dove into the ocean to rescue YUGI. There was also when Joey and Tristan rescued YUGI from the fire at the beginning of Battle City. I was just like, "Yami...that was YUGI they rescued. Not you."

And Yami and Yugi's reunion scene? FUCKING SUCKED! Okay, Yami has been angsting all season about how he's going to rescue Yugi and how he misses his other half, his aibou (XD). And when Yami finally gets Yugi's soul back, he just kind of holds it in his hands and says, "Yugi." (And I totally know he says "aibou" in the Japanese version. Totally obvious) Then his soul gets absorbed into the Puzzle. Then Tea and Tristan wake up and Joey and Seto get their souls back because the Three Legendary Knights aka Timaius, Critaus, and Hermos, released them and Tea's all, "omg look Yugi's back yay!" Happy hug scene between Yugi and Joey ^^b stupid hug scene between Joey, Yugi, Tea, and Tristan. Then Yami comes out and says, "Yugi! The legendary knights released your soul! But Dartz has disappeared and I have a bad feeling about that. But whatever happens we can face it together!" End Scene. FUCKING NO! They should be having sex right there because Yami's been so heartbroken! I mean, they are touching each other ALL THE TIME! They are holding hands, they are holding whichever one fainted, but they are ALWAYS TOUCHING!

You see? Other fans agree with me! Where was I? Ah yes. At one point, I had to watch a Japanese episode because it was either in Japanese with a more serious plot than what 4kids gave it, or an audio track that was thirty seconds to one minute behind what was playing. And let me just say, I so cannot WAIT to buy Japanese YGO. It's so fucking funny. In one scene, Kaiba's all, "Yugi, Mongolian Bun, let's go." I was like, "wow, good job Hong Kong." But then Joey says, "Don't call me Mongolian Bun! DDDX" Dartz became Duch. Everyone called Yami 'Pharaoh Yami' not just Pharaoh, so that made me feel a little better. I hate how in the dub he's always 'pharaoh' now. He has a nickname! Yami! Everyone but you seems to know it: Yami! You said what his nicknames were back at the end of season one, hello! I can't forget the Egyptian gods: they became Obelisk (got lucky), Oculist (Osiris aka Slifer), and Obliterate (Exodia's attack, aka Winged Dragon of Ra). Now how the hell do Chinese hear 'Ra' and translate that to 'Obliterate'? WTH?!?! At the end of the Japanese episode, Yami is saying, "if I am a dark pharaoh, then I will support the darkness of the world on my shoulders!" And the Leviathan aka Great Beast attacks and Yami's all, "AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH! pain" Then when I come back in to the American episode, the "previously on Yu-Gi-Oh" reveals that Yami 'actually said' "If you want a fight (or something) you have to go through me!" and then the Leviathan attacks and he' all, "AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! pain" And Yugi tries to step in but Yami tells him that it's his fight and he has to prove that the darkness that came while Yugi was gone is really gone now. Yami wins and defeats the darkness and yadda yadda.

But going back to the Japanese episode, Yami, Joey, and Kaiba get sucked into the Leviathan and at one point Yami is begging everyone to remember "their friends, the ones who came to your duels!" (how Rex and Weevil escaped with that advice I will never know) And they flash to Valon, Alistair, and Raphael. Valon thinks of Mai and Joey, okay, I'll accept that. Raphael thinks of Yami, okay whatever. Alistair thinks of Kaiba and Mokuba. WTF?!?! Gross, bleh XP Oh yeah, and I think Dartz/Duch was voiced by Ogata Megumi *squeal* The only seiyuu I can identify!

Um, I think I'm done rambling about Yu-Gi-Oh now. XD Now if only I could write analysis papers on Yu Yu Hakusho and Yu-Gi-Oh...

Just a Closer Walk with Thee

It was guard weekend this weekend. My last weekend here. In 23 days, I leave for basic training. What once seemed so scary now pales in comparison to everything. Of all the scenarios I could have come home to, this is one I could not have planned for. For me, it was better to find this out now than to go away and not learn for months that this had happened.

A brilliant light has gone out. Dave Wells passed away today. Apparently, his cancer had come back and he was in treatment the last few days. No wonder the heavens have been crying all this weekend. "...and already, the world seems a bit less bright."

It's not fair. I only got one semester with him. Even though he retired this year, he was supposed to come in and visit us and help along the new band teacher or whoever was going to teach us. This is worse than just having him be retired. What's going to happen to us now?

I've been trolling facebook to see what all my other bandmates are saying and feeling.

I remember first meeting him when I was in high school. I interviewed him for one of my English 102 essays. I also remember him being at the audition day. He asked me if I wanted to be in Blue Thunder. I told him of course, except that I didn't play any instruments that were in Blue Thunder. Next thing I know, I'm signed up for Blue Thunder and have a saxophone check out worked out so I can learn during the summer. I also remember him pulling aside some freshmen who were taking music theroy and had just failed our first test of the year and joking with me that he would call Mr. Sullivan and tell him I failed a music theory test. While it sounds cruel and not funny, the way he was talking at the time made it funny. Our moment of silent prayer after every tailgate followed by his customary, "may God bless and give 'em hell!" I remember how upset he was when he had to tell us that the whole band couldn't go to the Poinsetta Bowl and how he was going to limit the numbers. I was fine with not going because I got to spend time with my friend who was coming from from his army schooling. But now I'll never get a band trip with Dave.

Dave was the only guy who could say "May God bless" to me and I wouldn't feel the slightest bit insulted. He was practically a grandfather to god knows how many students. He retired so he could spend more time with his wife and kids and grandkids. That's why it's not fair. His life was just starting a new chapter. It wasn't supposed to end there.

Don't you hate how in life there are those who touch your life so significantly but only get to be there for such a short time? It's a cruel joke Fate plays.

I'm so glad I got to play for Dave at the last basketball game. I just wish it really hadn't been the last time. I wish we all could have just one more Closer Walk With Thee, Dave.

I have always believed that when my grandma died, she came and visited my family and me. She came in our dreams and showed us that she was okay and not in pain anymore. She visited me twice. About a year after her death, she didn't visit anymore. Do you think that's why we can never accept when someone is dead? Because we can still feel their spirit around us? Maybe Dave's spirit will stick around for a while to watch over us all. And if that's the case, I want to see everyone on that field this summer giving hell and showing Dave's new band of angels on the Big Blue Turf how we do it here on Earth!

Goodbye, Dave. And I hope I get to meet you again.

And the spirit of life

Oh, oh, iyo
Mamela [Listen]
Oh, oh, iyo

And a voice
With the fear of a child

Oh, oh, iyo
Oh, mamela [Listen]
Oh, oh, iyo

Ubukhosi bo khokho [Throne of the ancestors]
We ndodana ye sizwe sonke [Oh, son of the nation)]

There's no mountain too great
Oh, oh, iyo
Hear the words and have faith
Oh, oh, iyo
Have faith

Hela hey mamela [Hey, listen]

He lives in you
He lives in me
He watches over
Everything we see
Into the water
Into the truth
In your reflection
He lives in you
As we go through this wilderness here below
Dave, guide our feet through peaceful eyes
We do not know how long t'will be
Or what the future holds for thee
But this I know, if I must die tonight
I am part of Blue Thunder