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Stress: It's What's For Breakfast

I was sitting next to a girl in one of my classes and watched her out of the corner of my eye filling out an application for the BSU Bookstore. I noticed that she has three previous job experiences. And in descending order, her jobs had paid $10/hr, $11/hr, and $13/hr. I couldn't help but think how the Bookstore probably wouldn't hire her because she's overqualified. The Bookstore I think hires both work study and regular students, but I still think you have to be around dirty poor/poverty line to get a job anywhere on campus. I don't see how someone who earned that much in previous jobs wouldn't be overqualified to work at the Bookstore. Then again, in this economy, she'd probably get that job because she has previous work experience.

My Geography teacher offers a few extra credit discussion board topics and I was just checking my grades on them and on one she commented that I need to watch my spelling of half vs have. And if it's one thing my friends know about me, it is that I am a grammar nazi. I know the difference between half and have. I went back to find out what she was talking about and when I found the 'half' she was talking about, I had said "I think everyone should own at least half a dozen chickens at all times." -.- Pretty sure that is half, not "to HAVE a dozen." A half dozen. Half of twelve. Six. She didn't mark me down for this, but it I am irritated. How dare she correct MY grammar?

The JET Program application finally became available online. They kept pushing back the release date; they would say, "early to mid October," then "mid to late October," then "late October to early November." I think it must have come out either this weekend or Monday. And it's already stressing me out! The online application went pretty quick, but they are requiring so much more after that! I have to write a two page essay on why I want to go to Japan, I have to get two letters of recommendation, I have to get official transcripts, I have to make copies of something proving I'm a US citizen, and EVERYTHING requires ONE original and TWO copies. I'm going to end up sending a book! One form they're asking me to fill out is 15 pages! That's just one extra form! So may exclamation marks at the end of my sentences! To top it all off, it's all due by December 2nd. And they say on the website, "this does not include post marked dates." So I have to get it into the mail long before December 2nd so that it has enough time to get across the country to Washington DC (that's the address they give) so they get it by December 2nd. I mean, who does that? I want to put it in the mail by November 25th, giving it a week, which gives me a little more than two weeks to get all of this together and submitted! But if there's one thing this semester of college has taught me, it's how to get paperwork done in two weeks.

To add to that, I already have a ton of homework. I have an Art History paper due next week (4 pages Chicago) and I should be working on my paper for Dr. Woods Southeast Asia class (10 pages Chicago), but that's not due until Finals Week, so I'm not too worried, but I'm still panicking. My Geography teacher is constantly adding homework. Today she just assigned a project where we research where some of our possessions came from, like clothing, electronics, and home goods. I have a football game this weekend, Guard next week, and two more football games each weekend after that and Mr. Tornello is always saying we should have music memorized two weeks before we need it. We just got Sleigh Ride for a thank you Christmas concert we're going to play in on December 4th and he says it needs to be memorized by next Wednesday >.< (Keith and Catherine Stein, our sponsors, donated $1 million to BSU, more specifically for the music department to get 35 Steinway pianos to finish the Steinway Initiative they started and to get the marching band all new uniforms. That's why we're playing for them at the Xmas concert) And my Linguistic homework is always stressful.

My Linguistics class. How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways. I don't know if I've mentioned before that Andrew and I have the same teacher, just different class times for this class? Well, we recently had our midterm and Andrew got somewhere like a 50-60%, where I got a 35%. The teacher told us the average mean between both classes was 60%. Seriously. His average for our two classes was FAILING. Not only that, but after hearing that from him and hearing no remorse, I checked his stats on ratemyprofessor and myedu and on myedu his class drop rate is 11%. Compare that to the other two Lingustics teachers' 1-2%. That is really bad. Go onto ratemyprofessor and find out that NO ONE rates this guy positively. It gets even better. Andrew and I were talking about the midterm supplements the teacher gave to help us better our midterm grades in the band hall Monday and everyone was really surprised at how bad our grades were. We got started on the statistics for this teacher and Andrew says he NEVER grades on a curve. But his two class averages are failing. Andrew said that the amount of people that get As and Bs in the class run in the single digits. Seriously, BSU? This guy is still teaching? This guy and my Art History teacher are both getting bad reviews from me on my teacher evaluations. I am also repeating Linguistics next semester to get a better grade.

To add to this already mounting stress, I recently met with my main advisor to get a permission number for my senior project class and to inquire about graduation. Summary of the meeting: I just need to switch some credits around again and write 20-25 pages for my project/story. When I met with my advisor, he informed me that the interdisciplinary committee was really hesitant to approve my project-story, but didn't want to hold me back from graduation. He said he was worried because I've never had any creative writing classes. I was like: srsly? I had creative writing last semester and two years of it in high school. Learning that, he was like, "oh, okay, so you're not just going into this blind and having no previous writing experience?" Uh, yeah. That is what I am saying. I just need to have the project-story done long before BSU's given due date so that my panel has time to go over my story and tell me what to fix, improve, and change.

I applied for graduation. This is happening.

Lastly, I've kind of started seeing someone again. He's a guy I met in my kung fu class. We've been hanging out a bit recently, but we're hesitant to start a relationship because he's in the Air Force and is up for a transfer in the next couple weeks. We were talking about it last night and he says of the three options he wants, two would leave him here in Boise, but he mostly wants to transfer to Arizona, where his family is. I don't blame him, he's apparently already done stints in Germany and Afghanistan and he's the same age as me; obviously not a lot of time spent at home around people you love. So he mostly wants to go to Arizona. I think this would really suck if he did go, because I'm really starting to like him :(

And all that is my life right now.


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Nov. 8th, 2011 11:42 pm (UTC)
Aubreychaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! I hope life gets less stressful for you! I totally understand about sending a book for an application. I know that when I had to fill out my application for Japan, it was rediculous. Your lingusitics class feels a lot like my media econ class. We are about to go into midterms and my teacher says that our midterm is not multiple choice but short answer and fill in the blank. It's all based off of his lectures.

It starts to become a problem when we have to do these crazy calculations without a calculator and linear regression (which isn't even econ, it's stats!).

Anyways, just hang in there. I know it will get better! You're graduating after all (which is more than I can say at the moment ><) and soon you'll be chilling in Japan with all the milk tea you can drink (I'm still trying to figure out how to send you some but I'm going to pick up your Fall fashion magazine this week).

PS I know you are busy but we should skype sometime!
Nov. 9th, 2011 10:42 pm (UTC)
I totally logged into Skype the other day to see if you would come on before you went to school (this was Tuesday, I remember now), but you didn't come on. I started on one of my papers, so I am feeling less stressed now that something is getting done! I also ordered my transcripts and asked two teachers two write me letters of rec (I haven't checked my email yet to see their replies XD). The book-application is getting done!
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