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Omg go watch this video and then come back and read my post


OMGIWANTACHEVYCAMEROSOBAD! The cheapest one that's coming out next year is $23,040, and if I added a spare tire and the racing stripes, it totals to $23,660. And I know I would have to make a lot of payments and taxes would be a bitch and blah blah blah details, but I WANT IT SOOOO BAD! And yes, I would name it Bumblebee. And put in a disco ball and a Bee-otch rear view mirror hangers XDDD I'm a nerd. A nerd that is so fucking excited for Transformers 2! Fuck my life for it coming out in July! You can bet I am taking a weekend off during AIT to go see it. XDDD One weekend is devoted to going to Busch Gardens and another I want to just go to a mall and look at stuff and feel like a normal person (and look for anime/manga on the east coast *coughcough*) and go watch Transformers 2! GAH!

While I was posting this, I found Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift on TV and watched that for about an hour. Still don't really enjoy the movie because it's just the stereotypical Japanese stuff, like Pachinko parlors, hot Asian chicks in barely any clothing, and yakuza. But hey, Japanese language and cars. Hmm, Transformers 2 and Tokyo Drift...now I just need Speed Racer and I should be good for cars and having them race. Not only am I turning more girly, guys, but I'm also starting to like cars...or, at least, movies about cars. I can separate a Mustang from a Camero, though! Can you? Speaking of Cameros...

You know what the best part about Transformers 2 is, besides Bumblebee? Bumblebee! No, what's also cool about Transformers 2 is that...they're in Egypt! Fuck yes! Egypt and cars! Maybe while they're there, they'll find a nameless pharaoh's tomb...a pharaoh who had ridiculous hair and stopped the greatest evil force from destroying Egypt! So yeah, now that I'm in Egypt, speaking of Yu-Gi-Oh...

I just finished watching the 4th season the other day. I skipped a few episodes, like the whole Yami vs. Weevil and Joey vs. Rex episodes. I also skipped Joey vs. Valon (Joey wins btw) which was immediately followed by Joey vs. Mai (Mai wins by Joey's forfeit/exhaustion. Team Yami minus one soul :( ) I just mostly wanted to get to the Yami vs. Dartz duel. Which I eventually did. Now, this duel originally starts as Yami and Kaiba vs. Dartz, but Kaiba loses at one point and thusly loses his soul (if thusly isn't a word, it is now and sounds cool). And it's a five episode duel (go fucking figure) and in the first episode alone Kaiba summons Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Yami summons Black Luster Soldier and they fuse them together to create Dragon Master Soldier with 5000 ATK points and guess what? It fails because Dartz breaks the rules.

LittleKuriboh is totally right: everyone breaks the rules in that show. Like Yami and Kaiba summoning their monsters like that in their FIRST TURN. Later in the duel when Yami is all by himself, Dartz has like infinity million and one LP and a monster with an ATK power of about half his LP and Yami has about 600 LP and no monsters. It's like really? REALLY?! At one point, Dartz was brain washing Yami. He was all, "You're all alone, pharaoh. I've knocked out your friends or stolen their souls. Why not just make things easier and submit? Your soul was revived so it could be sacrificed to the Great Beast. It would make things so much easier to surrender and join your friends. Wouldn't you like to see your friends one more time?" And Yami's all falling for it and I'm fangirl!panicking. Then Dartz is like, "look into your heart. You know it's true. Just surrender." When Yami looks into his heart, however, he finds the light from his friendships *gag* and that prevents the Seal of Orichalchos from taking his soul. Dartz is all, "omg wuts going on?" and Yami's all, "You told me to look in my heart. And I found the light from all my friends there." Dartz is all, "well, then you looked in the wrong place!" XD

Poor Yami is mixing up his memories with Yugi's, though. At one point in the season, Yami was having some flashbacks and one was a scene where it was Battle City with the Yugi vs. Joey duel and Joey dove into the ocean to rescue YUGI. There was also when Joey and Tristan rescued YUGI from the fire at the beginning of Battle City. I was just like, "Yami...that was YUGI they rescued. Not you."

And Yami and Yugi's reunion scene? FUCKING SUCKED! Okay, Yami has been angsting all season about how he's going to rescue Yugi and how he misses his other half, his aibou (XD). And when Yami finally gets Yugi's soul back, he just kind of holds it in his hands and says, "Yugi." (And I totally know he says "aibou" in the Japanese version. Totally obvious) Then his soul gets absorbed into the Puzzle. Then Tea and Tristan wake up and Joey and Seto get their souls back because the Three Legendary Knights aka Timaius, Critaus, and Hermos, released them and Tea's all, "omg look Yugi's back yay!" Happy hug scene between Yugi and Joey ^^b stupid hug scene between Joey, Yugi, Tea, and Tristan. Then Yami comes out and says, "Yugi! The legendary knights released your soul! But Dartz has disappeared and I have a bad feeling about that. But whatever happens we can face it together!" End Scene. FUCKING NO! They should be having sex right there because Yami's been so heartbroken! I mean, they are touching each other ALL THE TIME! They are holding hands, they are holding whichever one fainted, but they are ALWAYS TOUCHING!

You see? Other fans agree with me! Where was I? Ah yes. At one point, I had to watch a Japanese episode because it was either in Japanese with a more serious plot than what 4kids gave it, or an audio track that was thirty seconds to one minute behind what was playing. And let me just say, I so cannot WAIT to buy Japanese YGO. It's so fucking funny. In one scene, Kaiba's all, "Yugi, Mongolian Bun, let's go." I was like, "wow, good job Hong Kong." But then Joey says, "Don't call me Mongolian Bun! DDDX" Dartz became Duch. Everyone called Yami 'Pharaoh Yami' not just Pharaoh, so that made me feel a little better. I hate how in the dub he's always 'pharaoh' now. He has a nickname! Yami! Everyone but you seems to know it: Yami! You said what his nicknames were back at the end of season one, hello! I can't forget the Egyptian gods: they became Obelisk (got lucky), Oculist (Osiris aka Slifer), and Obliterate (Exodia's attack, aka Winged Dragon of Ra). Now how the hell do Chinese hear 'Ra' and translate that to 'Obliterate'? WTH?!?! At the end of the Japanese episode, Yami is saying, "if I am a dark pharaoh, then I will support the darkness of the world on my shoulders!" And the Leviathan aka Great Beast attacks and Yami's all, "AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH! pain" Then when I come back in to the American episode, the "previously on Yu-Gi-Oh" reveals that Yami 'actually said' "If you want a fight (or something) you have to go through me!" and then the Leviathan attacks and he' all, "AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! pain" And Yugi tries to step in but Yami tells him that it's his fight and he has to prove that the darkness that came while Yugi was gone is really gone now. Yami wins and defeats the darkness and yadda yadda.

But going back to the Japanese episode, Yami, Joey, and Kaiba get sucked into the Leviathan and at one point Yami is begging everyone to remember "their friends, the ones who came to your duels!" (how Rex and Weevil escaped with that advice I will never know) And they flash to Valon, Alistair, and Raphael. Valon thinks of Mai and Joey, okay, I'll accept that. Raphael thinks of Yami, okay whatever. Alistair thinks of Kaiba and Mokuba. WTF?!?! Gross, bleh XP Oh yeah, and I think Dartz/Duch was voiced by Ogata Megumi *squeal* The only seiyuu I can identify!

Um, I think I'm done rambling about Yu-Gi-Oh now. XD Now if only I could write analysis papers on Yu Yu Hakusho and Yu-Gi-Oh...