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It Rises from the Grave


Only not really. I'm in Virginia now, on a Naval Amphibious Base, attending the United States Army School of Music. When I first heard Amphibious base, I thought it would be all cool and underwater, but it's not. D: *sad face* But goodbye Fort Jackson, you effing hell hole!

I have my laptop so I have interwebz, and there's also a library out back of my dorm. There's also a Miccy D's within walking distance, a store, a movie theater, a bowling alley, and a beach. I also have plans to go to Busch Gardens as soon as I hear I can get an off-base pass. I hear we don't get those until graduation week, though. But oh well! What a way to celebrate finally getting to go home! Btw, my graduation date is September 3rd/4th. I don't really know exactly when, which means I should be home that weekend! I get to go back to school, see my mommy and dogs, see my friends, see my band mates, go back to school, and be back in a town where I know where everything is! I can buy manga and anime again, drive again, go shopping again...

Man, you should have seen all the emails in my inbox when I could finally use my computer. I had 1000 emails! A vast majority of them are livejournal updates, 90% being from springkink XDDDD. I also have about 400 dA watches. I'm slowly catching up on my emails. I'm down to about 400 now. But I sit on my butt most of the time here (I've only been here four days) because I don't have a horn I can practice on yet and they close the school during the afternoon. Apparently the air conditioning is broken so the building gets really hot. Fans don't help because they just push the hot air around. The coolest place is my room. Did I mention I only sleep with one other female now, instead of fifty-nine? If I had access to those giant emoticon faces, you'd see the big one that does this *___* or something like it. There's also a frige and microwave in my room and an actual bed that doesn't give me back problems! But anyways, I'm really sad I don't have a horn yet. I have to get my embochure back up and have to play a solo and tons of other technical stuff to graduate and have less than thirty days to do it in.

In going through my emails, though, there was a FF.net alert saying that someone had favorited my story. I checked out this person's profile and they were they typical "I just favorite, not write" people when I stumbled across this fic. Omg it's hilarious. It's Twilight rewritten to Yu-Gi-Oh. Like the person seriously just tweaked a few things but it is the same wording and everything. Man, I remember when I used to do that: then I got an imagination. Anyways, here's an excerpt from it that just cracks me up.

One boy sat next to me in both Trig and Spanish, and he walked with me to the cafeteria for lunch. he was thin, and his pointy dark hair made him even taller than me. I couldn't remember his name so I smiled and nodded as he prattled on about teachers and classes. Once in a while, he would sorta glance at me strangely, and I think I knew why. Probably cuz I was GAY. People can just TELL those kinds of things about people. he was probably just worried because I might feel out of place.

We sat at the end of a full table with several of his friends, who he introdused me to. I forgot all their names as soon as he spoke them. They seemed impressed by his bravery in speaking to me. The boy from English, Mokuba, waved at me from across the room.

It was there, sitting in that crowded lunchroom, trying to make some conversation with seven curious strangers, when I first saw them.

They were sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, as far away as they could sit from all the people in the long room. There were five of them. They weren't talking, and they weren't eating. everyone of them had a untouched tray of food in front of them. They weren't staring at me, unlike most of the other students, so it was safe for me to push my golden bangs out of my face and stare at them.

They were very weird. Two pale skinned ones looked like each other, they had the same blue eyes and same white hair, except one had two pieces of hair that sorta sticked out to the sides like horns. Then there was two tan--a REAL looking tan, like what people looked like in Egypt--look alikes with lavender colored eyes. They both had platinum blond hair, except one's hair was strait, while the others stuck up madly in all directions, like a crazy person. And then the last tan boy--who looked like he could rule a country, with the way he held himself--had the same hair as me. I gasped. It was exactly the same, except his hair had three extra bangs going up his spiky hair. His eyes were the oddest crimson I had ever seen, they weren't a red that made him look evil, but a dark Burgundy crimson that looked mischievous and playful.

They were all different but also alike.
(A/N-except for the look alikes, but you should know what I mean)
They all looked absolutely PERFECT. They looked like the people you would find on a expensive magazine cover. They also all had purplish shadows under their eyes, like they hadn't slept in days. All there features were strait, aligned, angular. That was why I could not look away. They looked like a bunch of gods as they sat there, looking away from one an other. It wasn't very hard to decide who was MOST beautiful, though they were ALL inhumanly gorgeous. But the most beautiful had to be the boy who shared the same hair as me. The one with the breathtaking crimson eyes...

As I watched, the pale skinned, white haired one--the one with the horned hair--rose with his tray, which held all uneaten food, and quickly walked away with a graceful way of moving. He dumped his tray and walked--no--FLOWED out. My eyes darted back to the others, who stayed unchanging.

"Who are THEY?" I asked the boy from my spanish class, whose name I had completely forgotten.

As he looked up to see who I meant--though he already probably knew cuz of my tone--suddenly the boy looked up at him, the one who had my hair, with crimson eyes. He looked at my neighbor just for a fraction of a second, then his crimson eyes flickered to my amethyst. He looked away very quickly, quicker than I could, though in a flushed of embarrassment, I dropped my eyes at once. In that brief flash of a glance, his face held a questioning look--as if she had called his name out loud and he was looking over to answer her.

My neighbor laughed a little and looked at the table as I did. "That's Atem, Ryou, Malik, and Marik. The one who lefts name was Bakura. They all live in a big house a little ways from here." He said under her breath.

I looked at the beautiful boy again, who was looking at his tray. His mouth was moving fastly. The other three still looked away from him, but I felt like he was talking to them.

"they're...uh...very nice looking." I struggled to talk. Nice looking? The one boy was the sexiest thing sense sex!

"Oh, yes!" He breathed, I remembered his name, Honda. "But there together! Bakura and Ryou and Malik and Marik I mean."

"Oh...wow. Have they always lived in Forks?" I asked

"No. They moved from Alaska to here two years ago."

"Ah. I see..." As I spoke, the one crimson eyed boy looked back up at me. I swiftly looked away, his glance seemed to hold a somewhat unmet expectation, slightly frustrated.
"Which is the one who has the same hair as me? With the crimson eyes?"

"Ah...that one is Atem. He's gorgeous, of course, but don't waste your time. Apparently, he does not date." He sniffed and I wondered how long ago he or one of his friends had been turned down by Atem. I bit my lip to hide my smile. Then I glanced up at the boy again. His face was turned away, but it looked like his tan cheek was lifted, as if he was smiling, too.

I know, right? I'm GAY. People can just TELL these things. Fuck. Spoiler, everyone in Forks is gay! I so cannot wait for New Moon. Taylor Lautner=yummy.

So yeah, life here is pretty easy compared to Basic. Hell, it's downright Paradise compared to Basic. Everyone keeps saying how they except a drill sergeant to pop up and start yelling at us. Hopefully I'll start catching up on YGOTAS, too!