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My name is Optimus Prime

Quick question: who's heard of "chicken quasideas" God, that Yu-Gi-Oh! Twilight cracks me up. Bob Yami=Carlisle. Seriously, she named the character Bob. XDDDD

Anyways, not a whole lot to report on. Not that any of my friends care TT.TT I fall off the face of the earth, but do they jump with joy when I get my technology back? Noooooooo. Course, I haven't called them yet...

I downloaded a lot of Transformer ringtones. A lot of them are quotes from the movie. Such as Optimus Prime's opening line and ending line, and "My name is Optimus Prime. We are autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron."  "But you can call us Autobots for short." Now when my phone turns on it says that line and when I turn it off it says, "Autobots, roll out!" XDDDD I'm such a nerd. I also downloaded the Transformers theme. Not the one from the cartoon, but the background/orchestral theme from the 2007 movie. I downloaded the Rugrats and Danny Phantom theme, too. I now have more ringtones than I have people that call me.

I started subscribing to Netflix while I'm here. First on my list? Transformers. It arrived today. I was going to watch it tonight, thinking the movie was only an hour and a half long, but I read the sleeve and it says it's two and a half hours long. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to save it for tomorrow. I put the Transformers cartoon on hold, too, and Twilight. Because I want to fucking laugh at it again and not pay so much to rent it. I forget what else is on there, but my mom gave me the idea to search for Gargoyles and Reboot. She also convinced me to buy a 16GB iPod instead of an 8GB lol. No really, she did. I'm gonna buy that and a Wii during my final week here, then ship the Wii home. I've already bought two Wii games to go with it: Wii Music and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Shut up, I don't have a problem (*only wants a 2009 yellow Chevy Camaro with black racing stripes and have the license plate either in the same numbers as the one from the movie or have it say Bee*)

In other news, I'm having problems applying for my tuition assitance. I have to log into a computer with my military ID card, but unfortunately while I was at basic, my army website password expired so now I have to get a new password. It's a bitch to reset the password, though. But once that gets done, then I can apply for my money. Unfortunately, it takes about two weeks for that stuff to go through and BSU's shit is due in less than seven days. Oh snap. I'm hoping I can call them and say, "hey my shits going through don't penalize me." I also need to email my teachers and say, "hey, I'm gonna be two weeks late, I'm doing military training, sorry." Sad day. I just looked at my computer's calendar and realized that marching band camp starts next week. Hopefully I can get that taken care of. Good news is, I'm coming hom the weekend of September 3rd. That is my projected graduation date. I should be traveling home that weekend.

And that's all I have for tonight.