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Evil, evil woman! Tamaki's grandmother needs to die! But first...

Honey and Mori actually finally graduated! Yay! Boo! And Honey and Mori are studying different things at university, which is really sad! Now, not only have Hikaru and Kaoru broken up, but now Honey and Mori! Honey wants to study technology and something else so he can build cars and toys...welcome Huninozuka toy car line, the greatest thing since Hot Wheels! I forget what Mori wanted to study. But they said that they would still come to visit the host club. And and Honey and Mori had a fight! Like an actual fists involved fight! Mori challenged Honey to be able to tell him something because his family loyalty wouldn't let him say it outright. I rooted for both, but Mori won in the end by catching Honey mid-flight-kick and placed him out-of-bounds making Honey lose. What Mori wanted to tell Honey was that he had to brush his teeth more and eat less cake to avoid cavities and also couldn't bring Usa-chan to university. Honey pouted and comprimised with every third day he could bring Usa-chan. And their little brothers, Chika and Satoshi, just aren't good enough replacements. They're the same height and Chika looks older, probably because he doesn't have flowers in his speech bubbles.

Oh yeah, and Haruhi and Tamaki "kissed." They freaked out that it was a kiss, but it wasn't really. Haruhi was bringing cookies down one hallway and Tamaki was running down to find her and you know that L shaped hallway shoujo thing? Yeah, so they bumped into each other and picking the cookies up off the floor. Tamaki was really close to her and when she turned around to ask a question, Tamaki's lips bumped into the corner of Haruhi's mouth/cheek. They were like, "omg we kissed!" but I was like, "no lip lock, no count."

Then came the ultimate foreboding line: "because when April came and the new school year started the doors of the third floor music room did not open."

What?!?!?!?!?! I was going to stop with that chapter for the night, but with that scary line, I had to continue!

Tamaki's grandmother finally let's him come to the main house! Yay! Not really. This is a very, very bad thing. Since he's moving out of the second house, there's no reason for the staff to stay there anymore so they all get moved to different jobs. Not only that, but Tamaki's not allowed to take Antoinette with him! And they confiscate his cellphone. By this time I'm thinking, "this isn't an acceptance...this is a kidnapping!" And his grandmother doesn't let him contact his friends at all during spring break and he has to start learning a lot about the company.

When school starts again, everyone else has finally moved up a grade. Haruhi hears from Renge that the music room on the third floor is blocked. Haruhi immediately goes to look for Kyouya and finds the twins with him. He explains that they were remodeling it and didn't finish it during the break (I don't believe it) and since Tamaki's schedule keeps him busy, they are unable to do any host club activities so they've suspended the club for now. Tamaki's kept so busy by his grandmother, he has to go home immediately after school. So he says he's going to eat with everyone, but for the next week he gets coerced by the females to eat with them instead.

The others soon find out that even though Tamaki was brought to the main house his grandmother still doesn't accept him. And then something bad happens and I don't know what it is. Tamaki's grandmother was saying, "Tamaki, I have something to tell you." And then it cut to Haruhi thinking about Tamaki and something, and when it goes back to Tamaki, his grandmother is saying, "do you understand?" 

Tamaki says, "yes. I will leave the host club."



Oct. 26th, 2009 02:06 pm (UTC)
Man, with all this going on, you would almost think the plot is wrapping up. I'm still glad I only read through volume 10 and wated the anime. It really would'nt be the same without Hunny and Mori.